About My Bookkeeper, LLC

My Bookkeeper LLC is rooted in Spring, Texas and has seen the growth of the area take place right before its eyes. With 25 years of experience, the company has previously worked on audits, with CPAs and logged financial records for privately held companies throughout the greater Houston area. As a node in the growing region, My Bookkeeper LLC is taking aim at providing its services to established and upcoming local businesses.

  • 25 years of bookkeeping experience in various industries
  • Multi-company / same-owner bookkeeping
  • Dedicated, professional, and quality work
  • Timely, efficient and reliable
  • Secure and confidential
  • Work hand in hand with CPAs to ensure books are accurate for tax filings.
  • Audit experience
About Us


To provide a quality and accurate service so that business owners can focus on the big picture of running their company and not stress over the daily tasks of bookkeeping.


My Bookkeeper LLC prides itself on being dependable, accurate and confidential. Handing over an accurate set of books to a customer or CPA creates a feeling of accomplishment, pride and satisfaction. There is nothing a CPA likes more than receiving an accurate set of books for end of year processing. This ensures timely and accurate tax filings.